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CUBBS is a Clemson Living-Learning Community for first-year Business and Behavioral Science students. In close proximity to academic buildings and the CBBS Academic Advising Center, the program is housed in Benet Hall. Social events and core classes connect students with others throughout the freshman year while workshops and community service opportunities provide a time for networking with faculty and professionals. Our desire is to provide an environment for students to: form lasting friendships, find a sense of belonging, and achieve their academic and career goals. A university rich in history and tradition, start your Clemson legacy in CUBBS!  

Quotes from students who participated in CUBBS:

“CUBBS made my transition easier because, the people I lived with, I also had class with. I made friends easily and felt like I belonged. CUBBS gave me a great social life that allowed me to enjoy Clemson and handle the stress of class.” — Kristen Starks

“CUBBS was the best first year living experience for me and helped me in getting acclimated to college by helping me make friends, inspiring me to learn, and driving me to be successful.” — Kendall Wernet

“There’s no doubt in my mind that participating in the CUBBS program has enhanced my college experience. I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat. Living with people in my same major helped a lot with studying, and I gained many life-long friends.” — Callie Gettys


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