Meet the Leadership: John Manna

320224_4639064941547_102149824_nMy name is John Manna and I am a Senior majoring in Management with an emphasis Entrepreneurship. My minor is Non-Profit Leadership and I am from Mullica Hill, NJ. Participating in CUBBS my freshmen year was one of the best decisions I have made in college. This allowed me to most importantly adjust to college and make new friends. I learned quickly how to be successful in class, join other organizations, and have fun with friends. To this day some of my best friends were those that I met in Benet my freshmen year. We would have Benet family dinners every night in the dining hall and these were some of my favorite memories. I have so many fun stories from my Benet experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

As this is my last year at Clemson I have learned many things. The most important is that Clemson is a special place and it is important to make the most of it. The people you meet at Clemson are some of the people that you will keep in touch with the rest of your life and it is important to build these relationships. I also learned to try new things and to not be afraid of what others think. It is so important to run after your passions and to enjoy what you are doing. This means get involved in the organizations that you are passionate about and do not be afraid to implement change. Before you know it senior year will be here and at that point you want to look back and have great memories with your friends and know that you will keep doing what you are passionate about. Do not just settle in life, but strive and follow your passions. This all starts with all that Clemson has to offer!

Meet the Leadership Committee: Ashley Snow

My name is Ashley Snow and I’m a Senior Marketing Major with a Minor in Spanish from Darien, Connecticut. Being a part of the CUBBS program my freshman year was one of the best decisions I have made while here at Clemson. Not only did I meet some of my best friends while living in Bennett, but it was also a great transition to handle the college curriculum. I did really well in all of my classes because I had friends and people to study with for every class I took.

Being a part of the CUBBS community also got me involved with other great organizations on campus. My freshman year I became extremely involved with the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, since the members heavily recruited from Bennett. Joining DSP was the second best decision I made at Clemson because now I truly have a family and people I can count on for anything.

My advice to freshmen is to get involved with the things you are truly passionate about because it is in those organizations that you will meet life long friends. Another piece of advice is to get to know your professors. They are great resources and references, and they have so much information about life after college. Enjoy the rest of your time here at Clemson and go Tigers!